Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pesto Chicken Salad

This recipe originated several years ago when I began my low carb journey.  I found it on another site and have yet to find it again.  I even contacted the sites I thought I got it from and no one will claim it.  

I am looking to up my fats and go Keto and I thought this would be a good recipe to share.

Pesto Chicken Salad
Serves 3-4 depending on how much chicken you use (I used left over rotisserie  chicken)

13 oz chicken breast - cooked and chopped

4 oz cream cheese - softened 

1/2 cup parmesan cheese - shredded

1/4 cup pesto

1 jalapeƱo - seeded and chopped

Mix all ingredients and serve hot or cold

Here is the macro breakdown from
MFP using my brand ingredients this was calculated as one serving/3 total in my recipe.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Have a great day and be blessed!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Almond Roca Fat Bombs!

So it's been a while since I blogged but I'm still kicking around and low carbing.  In fact, I just celebrated my 7 year Lowcarbaversary!  I also just got back from the Low Carb Cruise, which I highly recommend.   Anyway, the ongoing theme was Keto and upping those fats.  

My favorite fat bomb to date is Rebecca Latham's Fat Bomb Recipe.  I have made it many times.  I went today and bought some freshly ground Almond Butter so I could make some Cinnamon Vanilla Almond Butter.  It's like crack spread on celery!  Anyway, I was looking up the recipe and stumbled upon a new fat bomb recipe and it gave me an idea.   Lucky for me (and you) it is awesome!

Here is the original recipe for English Toffee Fat Bombs, posted by Ketogirl!  I didn't have any English Toffee Syrup or Peanut Butter, but I did have my Almond Butter and SF Almond Roca syrup!  Whomp, there it is!   Almond Roca Fat Bombs.  I impatiently waited for them to cool in the feezer and it was so worth the wait.  They were very similar to Almond Roca candy, but didn't have the hard toffee in the middle that gets stuck in your teeth.  What a bonus!

So here are the details.

Almond Roca Fat Bomb

1 Cup Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
1/2 Cup Natural Almond Butter
4 oz Philadelphia Cream Cheese, softened
1 TBSP Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
3 TBSP SF Torani Almond Roca Syrup
2 TBSP Kerrygold Butter

Mix together and cook on stovetop until melted and fully incorporated or I did mine in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time.  Pour into silicone candy molds or cups and put in freezer until set...an hour or so.  Then enjoy!  I was able to make 24 pieces at 14.8 fat grams, 1 gram protein and 1.1 net carbs each
Must be kept in the freezer.

Thank you, Ketogirl, for the inspiration.  This recipe is dedicated to my little sister, Paige, who loves Almond Roca.

Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Revolution?

I have been making New Year's Resolutions, actually the same New Year's Resolution, for as long as I can remember: Weight Loss.

I rarely watch television, but I have seen this commercial several times. It cracks me up. It made me laugh because many of us who make this resolution, quickly revolt and eat all the things we know are bad for us. This year, I am going to break the pattern and go a completely different direction.

I have been very unorganized in 2013. Since my husband passed, I didn't have the drive or focus to accomplish anything. Items such as cleaning the house, paying bills, exercising, keeping up with my food plan or blogging have all suffered.  This will change in 2014.

I learned that I am a person who needs a routine. Routine keeps me calm and reduces my stress. My goal this year is to get back into a routine. I know I can't do it all at once: One day at a time and baby steps will be motto in the new year.

I am looking forward to the end of 2013. Honestly, I think this has been my worst year ever. I have almost made it through my "year of firsts" during the grief process. I look forward to 2014 and re-entering the land of the living.

I wish to thank everyone who has sent me sweet comments and prayers over the past year and sticking around and supporting me. I don’t know how I would have faced this year without your support, again, thank you. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and looking forward to "ladybugging" in 2014.

Be blessed!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Journey to Lift & Tuck

July 3, 2013

Well a week from today I will have my breast lift and tummy tuck!  I am nervous, excited and scared.

When I began low carbing in June of 2007, I figured it would be like every other diet I had been on.  It would work for a few months and then I would get frustrated and go back to my old eating habits and gain any weight I had lost and then some.

Surprising to myself, it clicked.  It just became a lifestyle.  I have made changes along the way as I learned what foods my body didn't like. I have cut out many processed foods and made better choices in food quality.  I also have increased my healthy fats, cut back on my protein and added in exercise.

Things have not been perfect the entire time.  I have made unwise choices, regained, stalled, cried, bitched & moaned and asked why can't I just eat whatever I want! (pout, pout)  The bottom line was I knew I was getting results and what I was doing was healthy.  I just feel so much better eating this way.  My hunger and cravings have been under control or completely gone for years.  Many times my weight loss slowed down or stopped for months and I figured maybe this is what I am supposed to weigh.  Eventually my body would figure I wasn't starving it and the scales would move again.

I know it is tough and frustrating, especially when just about everyone around you thinks that how and what you eat is unhealthy.  It is just not what is considered "normal" according to the government recommendations, doctors, dietitians, weight loss companies and the media.  It is my hope that this is turning around and more people realize that the guidelines that were set years ago have made us sicker and fatter.

The results...I have lost over 210 pounds and regained my health.  I have more energy and feel and look younger than when I started at age 40.  People tell me all the time that they wish they had my willpower.  I really don't think I have anymore than I ever did.  I just found what works and kept doing it every day, a day at a time.

Back to the lift and tuck.  It is hard for me to imagine that I have made it to this point.  To imagine the stomach I have hated most of my life will be gone.  I wonder what size I will be, how much will I weigh and how will I look.  What's really exciting is the thought of shopping for an entire new wardrobe!  I promise to share status updates!

Be blessed!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Grief and Gratitude

This is my second attempt to write this.  I wrote the first draft from Denver, Colorado and was ready to add photos, links and proofread.   When I got home and tried to finish it, I found it, made some edits and watched it disappear.  For those of you who have poured your heart out in writing I am sure you know how this feels.  I am not sure that this will be as good as the original.  It is kind of crazy, it’s like I completely erased the details from my memory as well.  Maybe I just needed to pour out my emotions, for me, but not share them with everyone. 

In my last blog post I recapped 2012 with a Top 10 List of the Low Carb Blessings I received over the past year.  I had made it to Onderland and was hopeful for the New Year.  In fact, after writing the blog I continued to think about the future and became very excited that I would make my goal weight in 2013.  When I started on this journey over five years ago, I had set a goal to lose 200 pounds.  On January 1st, I was 9 pounds from that original goal.  I decided that I would like to lose another 25 pounds…34 pounds from goal seemed doable for the year.  

I have tried to clean up my diet by cutting out processed foods and purchasing better quality foods.  I decided to join in Balanced Bites,  21 Day Sugar Detox.  Although, I had not had real sugar in a very long time I was a still using artificial sweeteners.  Diet soda, sugar free chewing gum and low carb sweets have been hard to give up.  I knew this stuff was full of crap and was determined to get to goal, so I needed to give it up.  January 1st I began my first official Paleo challenge; giving up all sweeteners and dairy.

On January 9th, all the excitement for 2013 vanished.  My husband of almost 12 years, passed away.  Suddenly, the future was hard to see.  For the first time in my life, I didn’t want to eat over my pain and emotions.  Funny thing when someone dies, everyone wants to bring you food…you know the carbage…deserts and casseroles.  I said no.   I had an excuse to eat whatever I wanted and no one would blame me, but I didn’t.  Steve would have not wanted me give up after all my hard work, especially because of him.  So I continued the Sugar Detox, although I really didn’t eat much the first week or so.  At the end of the 21 days, I stepped on the scale and I had lost exactly 200 pounds and weighed 180.  It was a very bittersweet moment, to reach my goal, but not having him here to celebrate with me. 

So since that time, I can’t say things have been easy.  I am grieving and I feel like I am in a fog.  I know I am not only grieving over Steve, but the old me.  I have good moments and bad.  Have I stuck to my low carb way of eating?  Yes, but I noticed I was snacking quite a bit and eating more and more.  I was getting lazy, not keeping track and my clothes were getting a little snug.  I realized this and got back in control.  I did a few days of fat fast and stepped on the scale for the first time in weeks, still 180 pounds.  So now I am 25 pounds from my next weight loss goal.  I would love to lose another 10 pounds, by the time Low Carb Cruise sets sail in May.  I am not going to stress about it, just take things one day at a time.

I want to thank all my family and friends who have shown me so much love and support during this difficult time.  I am especially humbled by the outpouring of support from my friends in the Low Carb Community.   I truly appreciate all the prayers, messages, emails, texts, phone calls, cards and gifts. 
Grief can awaken us to new values and new and deeper appreciations. Grief can cause us to reprioritize things in our lives, to recognize what's really important and put it first. Grief can heighten our gratitude as we cease taking the gifts life bestows on us for granted. Grief can give us the wisdom of being with death. Grief can make death the companion on our left who guides us and gives us advice. None of this growth makes the loss good and worthwhile, but it is the good that comes out of the bad.
Roger Bertschausen
Ecclesiastes 7:2

Sunday, December 30, 2012

My 2012 Top 10 List

I have been trying to come up with a theme for my end of the year blog wrap up.  Don't laugh, I know I haven't blogged very much, but I have put myself out there a bit.  I decided to do a Top 10 list of things related to my low carb lifestyle this year.

10.  Low Carb Ladybug Facebook group was created.  I kept finding myself spending more time on Facebook than I had been in my regular low carb forums.  I also noticed many of my friends were doing the same.  Many of these women I felt very close to and have done so much to encourage me through my weight loss over the past five years and I did not want to lose touch.  I also wanted a closed group so we could discuss our ups and downs and not have to broadcast to everyone on our friends list.  So I created the group as a place where we could stay connected.  It has been such a blessing to me and I hope to the other group members.

9.  I started out the year being pretty proud of myself.  Although I had re-gained some of the weight I had initially lost I was down to my lowest weight in years.  I had lost over 160 pounds and was determined to keep my momentum going.  I was doing lots of research and looking to clean up my diet and up the healthy fats.

8.  In April I attended the Balanced Bites Workshop in Frisco, Texas.  Until that day I had never met another low carber in person.  I was so excited to meet my online friend, Becky, who would be attending the Low Carb Cruise a few weeks later.  I "knew" Becky from my low carb beginnings and had reconnected via Facebook. It was so great to meet another Low Carber face-to-face as well as learn how real foods can help not only fuel, but heal your body.

7.  In May I attended the 5th Annual Low Carb Cruise.  What can I say other than AMAZING!  It was truly a wonderful experience to be in the company of others who follow a low carb lifestyle.  I plan on attending again in 2013 and hope than anyone who is interested in learning more about low carbing, making new friends or just hanging out on a cruise ship with fun people...sign up now!

6.  While attending the Low Carb Cruise I was asked to share my success story.  This is something that I had never done before, especially in front of 200 people.  I happily agreed, but terrified when the time came to talk.  It was one of the hardest and best things I have ever done.  It felt so good to share and get it out.  People who know me know I had lost a lot of weight, but not how much or how I had done it.   I really didn't want people to know how big I used to be, it was not anyone's business but my own.  After sharing my story and receiving positive feedback from my low carb friends and experts, I felt like I had to start sharing with others.

5.  The company I work for was doing a biggest loser challenge and I had been talking to a few ladies at work about low carb.  I started an at-work low carb support group in which we met twice a month.  One meeting we tried out recipes and shared how we were doing and the second meeting we discussed a topic.  There are five of us who attended regularly.  I am very proud of the success my co-worker Ladybugs and their families have had. 

4.  While trying to get organized for my at work support group, I decided to gather a listing of links to help them get started.  While brain-storming, I decided why do all this work for just our little group so I decided to start the Low Carb Ladybug Newsletter.  With the help of my low carb cruise friends we made it happen.  It turned out to be a bigger project than I expected, but a great experience.  I plan to continue releasing the newsletter quarterly in 2013. 

3.  In September I turned 46 and made it to ONEDERLAND!  This was the first time since high school I had been less than 200 pounds.  I plan to stay, I love it here! 

2.  Anyone who shops in the plus size specialty stores or plus size section of the department stores know and understand how depressing it can be.  The clothing selection isn't great, the clothes are more expensive and it can be embarrassing as well.  My mother has always been smaller and shops in the regular departments.  A few weeks ago I was able to shop with her, in the normal sizes!  I am officially out of the plus sizes and it feels amazing.  My husband isn't the happiest about me buying so many clothes over this past year but my body has been changing and I got to have something to wear, right?

1.  The number one thing that has happened to me in 2012 is the new friends I have made over this past year.  Thank you to all my low carb friends that I have met online and in person.  I truly appreciate all that you have done to support me and my low carb lifestyle.  There are many who have helped me when I have had bad days and am struggling as well as helped me celebrate my successes.  There are a few very special friends who I depend on daily (I won't name names to protect the innocent, but you know who you are) and I am truly blessed to have you all in my life.  I hope that I am able to be as good a friend in return.

This past year has been a growing experience for me.  I believe my biggest challenge has been talking to others about my weight loss journey and feeling proud in doing so.  Sometimes I find it ironic that I am trying to help others when I still feel like I have so far to go.  I also struggle with feeling comfortable in my body and with body image.  There are times when I look in the mirror and see my old self.  I hold up clothes and think there is no way this will fit and then they are too big.  The mind-body connection will take time.

I know I didn't gain all my weight overnight and Lord knows I haven't lost it that way.  In fact it seems like this past year I have had to fight for my body to release every pound.  I know I am worth fighting for and I will reach my goals.  I know this is a journey, not a race, and I have a much longer life now that I am healthy.   My goal for 2013 is to continue to clean up my diet and cut out processed foods.  I also want to work on toning and strengthening my body.  I love walking and enjoy Zumba for cardio, but know that resistance training is very beneficial at this point in my life.  Honestly, I do not know what my overall "Goal Weight" is.  I guess I will know when I get there and feel comfortable.  I would like to set a goal to lose 30 pounds in 2013, one day at a time I know I will get there. 

Thank you, again, to all my Low Carb Ladybugs and friends!  I hope that 2013 blesses you all with good health and happiness!

Christmas's Past & Present

I created this to help encourage me to stay good through the holidays.  Looking back at my weight logs in 2010 pic I was 250, last Christmas 215 and this year 190.  At first it backfired and made me realize I still am not at goal, but thanks to all my friends and family who reminded me of how far I have come!  I can't wait to see what 2013 brings!