Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Revolution?

I have been making New Year's Resolutions, actually the same New Year's Resolution, for as long as I can remember: Weight Loss.

I rarely watch television, but I have seen this commercial several times. It cracks me up. It made me laugh because many of us who make this resolution, quickly revolt and eat all the things we know are bad for us. This year, I am going to break the pattern and go a completely different direction.

I have been very unorganized in 2013. Since my husband passed, I didn't have the drive or focus to accomplish anything. Items such as cleaning the house, paying bills, exercising, keeping up with my food plan or blogging have all suffered.  This will change in 2014.

I learned that I am a person who needs a routine. Routine keeps me calm and reduces my stress. My goal this year is to get back into a routine. I know I can't do it all at once: One day at a time and baby steps will be motto in the new year.

I am looking forward to the end of 2013. Honestly, I think this has been my worst year ever. I have almost made it through my "year of firsts" during the grief process. I look forward to 2014 and re-entering the land of the living.

I wish to thank everyone who has sent me sweet comments and prayers over the past year and sticking around and supporting me. I don’t know how I would have faced this year without your support, again, thank you. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and looking forward to "ladybugging" in 2014.

Be blessed!


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