Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Journey to Lift & Tuck

July 3, 2013

Well a week from today I will have my breast lift and tummy tuck!  I am nervous, excited and scared.

When I began low carbing in June of 2007, I figured it would be like every other diet I had been on.  It would work for a few months and then I would get frustrated and go back to my old eating habits and gain any weight I had lost and then some.

Surprising to myself, it clicked.  It just became a lifestyle.  I have made changes along the way as I learned what foods my body didn't like. I have cut out many processed foods and made better choices in food quality.  I also have increased my healthy fats, cut back on my protein and added in exercise.

Things have not been perfect the entire time.  I have made unwise choices, regained, stalled, cried, bitched & moaned and asked why can't I just eat whatever I want! (pout, pout)  The bottom line was I knew I was getting results and what I was doing was healthy.  I just feel so much better eating this way.  My hunger and cravings have been under control or completely gone for years.  Many times my weight loss slowed down or stopped for months and I figured maybe this is what I am supposed to weigh.  Eventually my body would figure I wasn't starving it and the scales would move again.

I know it is tough and frustrating, especially when just about everyone around you thinks that how and what you eat is unhealthy.  It is just not what is considered "normal" according to the government recommendations, doctors, dietitians, weight loss companies and the media.  It is my hope that this is turning around and more people realize that the guidelines that were set years ago have made us sicker and fatter.

The results...I have lost over 210 pounds and regained my health.  I have more energy and feel and look younger than when I started at age 40.  People tell me all the time that they wish they had my willpower.  I really don't think I have anymore than I ever did.  I just found what works and kept doing it every day, a day at a time.

Back to the lift and tuck.  It is hard for me to imagine that I have made it to this point.  To imagine the stomach I have hated most of my life will be gone.  I wonder what size I will be, how much will I weigh and how will I look.  What's really exciting is the thought of shopping for an entire new wardrobe!  I promise to share status updates!

Be blessed!



Anne H said...

Love love love this!

Karen said...

Has it happened yet? How are you doinf?

Bryant Ford said...

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