Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today I as I celebrate my 46th birthday I am reflecting on the past six years and how much my life has changed for the better.  Not only have I lost over 180 pounds, but regained my health. No more sleep apnea, asthma, high blood pressure or achy joints.

In my last newsletter I announced that I finally made it to Onederland at the end of August and had got down to 196.8.  I had set my next goal to get to 190, which would mean I would have lost half of my highest body weight.   I hoped to reach this by my birthday.  Since I weighed in I have been afraid to step on the scale, fearing that I would be back over 200. 

This past Saturday, I took a day off from my low carb lifestyle.  I had not planned it and I do not recommend this.  My husband & I went out to dinner & we ordered my low carb dinner.  Fajita's with side of grilled rice, beans, tortillas.  Then they brought the chips.  A few can't hurt & it is my birthday and I have done so good, right?  If I could do a few chips and then moved on it would have been ok, but my body doesn't do that.  It is not in control around carbs.   We came home and tested our blood sugars....His was over 450 (did I mention he is diabetic) and mine was 117...he hates me! 

Anyway, back on low carb Sunday and today.  I stepped on the scale, held my breath and 198.4.  So if I hadn't had Carbopalooza Saturday would I have met my goal?  Who knows, but I am sure it would have been less than what I weighed.  My lesson is no matter how long I low carb, I still have my trigger foods, cravings & I am never going to be able to include carbs & react normally.  I am ok with that.  So back to weighing monthly, so the scale doesn't determine my mental health as Drs. Volek & Phinney would say! 

I had a nice birthday surprise today from my friend, Jimmy Moore!  He included my blog/newsletter in his 51 New Paleo, Low-Carb & Health Blogs for September 2012.  Thanks everyone for stopping by!

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