Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Newsletter Announcement

When I first decided to do the newsletter my goal was to create lists of links to assist new low carbers on their journey.  Over the past several months I believe I have accomplished that.  I would like to continue to write the newsletter, however, on a quarterly basis.  My next edition will be for December, but I will put out prior to Thanksgiving to give some tips of surviving over the holidays.

A quick update on my weight loss.  I weighed today & am still in Onederland & the lowest weight I have been.  Still working on getting to 190 & losing half my body weight.  I am challenging myself to get to 175 by the end of the year.  Any ladies wanting to join me in my Low Carb Ladybug Facebook group.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Anonymous said...

I lost 10 pounds after 2 weeks of no wheat & low carb. Congratulations on your success.

Jenny Jo ~ author of: