Sunday, January 22, 2012


Happy Sunday!

It is very windy today in NTX, but warmer.   One day we are in the 30's and the next almost 80!  This is a weird winter, but I will take snow!

Woke up today & put some country ribs in the crock pot.  I got the recipe from my new cookbook, Low Carbing Among Friends.  My house has smelled incredible and my husband is going crazy!  We are going to eat with salad.  I have been looking into other recipes to try this week and found Primal Scotch Eggs which will be a change from my usual hard boiled eggs.

Well my weight today is up, I knew it would be.  Not because I was off plan, just montly hormonal changes.  I woke up puffy.  Oh well, I will keep on trucking and hope the whoosh fairy will visit next week!

Exercise this week has been good, four Zumba sessions and some Kettle Bell action.  I hope the Kettle Bell workouts are building muscle.  I really would like to get a Kettle Worx or Skoggs system.  Any input would be appreciated.  Also, one of my co-worker/Zumba friends asked me to do Couch to 5k with her so we can run together.  Has she seem my chubby no-runner legs!?  Well there is an app for that & I have a treadmill that is getting dusty.  I will see what I can do!

So I did a little research into Grass Fed meat this week.  Looks like the local health food store carries some in the freezer section.  I really don't love frozen meat so I am going to do a little more research.  I though of contacting the local Crossfit and see if they have some sources.  I am sure Dallas or Ft. Worth has to have something!

Podcasting this week has been alright, my favorite is a new one Primal Low Carb Podcast.  I enjoyed hearing snipets of different podcasts that I have heard and looking up a new one.  He only has one episode so I hope he does nore.  Also, I have yet to find a website with show notes or more info.  Oh well. 

Have a wonderful week!

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