Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just Eat Real Food

It is the beginning of the year and there are so many advertisements on TV on weight loss plans. Nutri System, Weight Watchers, South Beach are ones I saw just today while watching Hocus Pocus (sorry, but it cracks me up!)today. What most of these have in common is their products, heck even Atkins has their own products. Health has taken the back seat to convenience and these plans to make us slim and healthy are setting us up for failure or to be faithful consumers of the products they sell.

When I began Low Carbing almost 5 years ago, most of what I cut out was the processed foods and fast foods that I was consuming. I have to admit, I am lazy in the kitchen and eat out quite a bit, but just make different selections. Over time I have continued to remove things from my diet, most recently wheat. I am reading "Wheat Belly". So what is next, what will help me continue to lose weight and remain healthy?

The Paleo/Primal ideals have been in the forefront over the past year and although I have not read any of the books, I do listen to podcast to learn more & I am intrigued. It makes total sense to me that if I am eating animal products that are fed the crap I wouldn't eat, why would I eat them. Why should I eat genitically modified plants/vegetables that my body was not created to tolerate. So then I get scared & think this is an all or nothing deal! What if I can't do it, am I setting myself up for failure. Do I have to eat a potato! LOL

So then I am listening to my friend, Jimmy Moore's podcast with Sean Croxton. . He says, it's not that hard just eat real food, make the best choices you can. I can do that! So then I listen the Sean's Underground Wellness podcast with Mark Sisson and he says the same thing!

So what does that mean for me? I think that making small changes each week will be the easiest for me. What have I don't so far this year? Diet Soda is outta here. My daily Sonic Rt44 Diet Dr. Pepper has been replaced with Iced Tea. I am still craving it, but I haven't caved it. Another thing I have done is adding some strenth resitance training with Kettlebells. The next thing is to cook something and eat out less. Today I cooked a Roasted Pork Loin Florentine from my George Stella cookbook with steamed fresh green beans tossed with Kerry Gold Butter. It was yummy & lots of left overs for the next few days.

Sunday is my weigh in day & I was down .90 pounds from last week. Last week I lost 7.4 of the 9 I gained while on prednisone for a sinus & upper respiratory infection. I do not want to go on that again. I puffed up overnight and it is so discouraging. Finally over that mess and I am hoping the scale will continue to go down.

Have a great week!

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